Impact Report

Impact Report.
A report highlighting how Units of Sound makes a difference to the lives of learners with low literacy levels.

This impact report outlines the main features of Units of Sound, including the very obvious one that a flexible computer-based system can support extensive, personalised, non-judgmental practice, which allows knowledge to be acquired in small but solid steps.  It is a safe learning environment that will go at the pace that is right for the individual.  The report also outlines evidence showing the kind of gains that have been made by individuals using Units of Sound who have experienced repeated failures in schools.
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Reading Check

Reading Check monitors the student’s progress for accuracy, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

The tutor listens to the students read in order to tell how well they are progressing in Units of Sound. The scripted Reading Check Materials let you sample the reading program with the students so that you can be sure they are on target. There are 12 Reading Check sets for each stage of Units of Sound – 36 sets in total.





Give your students a certificate to celebrate moving up to another Stage in Units of Sound.

There are certificates for completing stages 1, 2 and 3 of the skills areas, Reading, Spelling, Memory and Dictation. They can be printed and given to students marking progress. Name, date and name of school/college can be entered before printing. The certificates can be rewarding and motivating when used in the right context.


Stage Books

Units of Sound books stage 1, 2 and 3 provide tutors with an overview to the entire content of each Units of Sound stage.

This can be a useful reference for tutors whilst working with students on the online program.

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Writing Activities

Units of Sound Writing Activities develop the student’s writing, vocabulary and fluency skills.

The Writing Materials are structured to gradually develop writing skills over the three stages of Units of Sound. We use the Units of Sound Dictation sentences as a starting point for creative writing. Stage 1 concentrates on sentence writing, and Stages 2 and 3 on paragraph writing. The student can start as soon as the first Dictation set has been completed. You can choose whether the  student uses a computer or paper for the Writing Activities, according to the student’s needs and the teaching environment.