Practitioner’s Course

    Start discovering the world of difference Units of Sound can make.

    Remember: The Practitioner’s Course is essential for all those working with groups of students

    Tailor Made For Tutoring

    We want tutors to be able to get up and running with their students on Units of Sound as quickly and smoothly as possible. The online Practitioner’s Course is designed to do just this and guide you on how to use the program and get the most out of it.

    The course covers everything you need to know and is broken down into 20 bite-sized lessons or modules. Each module is predicted to take about 15 minutes, and so the whole course is around 5-6 hours in total, but each module can be accessed individually at your convenience to fit in with your timetable.

    The modules take you step by step through the program in a logical order with videos and activities to reinforce learning. It also shows you how to personalize Units of Sound for each student to maximize progress.

    The 10-question assessment at the end of the course generates a certificate to acknowledge success and competence. A Units of Sound specialist is always on hand while you are doing the course.


    There is one place on the Practitioner’s course built in to the license fee. Additional places can be booked at $100 per person with discounts available for multiple places.

    The course is suitable for all school personnel and volunteers.

    There is always a Units of Sound tutor on hand to give help, advice and guidance as you work through the course

    You will be ready to work with students, confident in your own Units of Sound skills. You need to get a score of 70% on the final assessment to generate the professional development certificate.