About Us

    A little bit of our background (just in case you were wondering).


    What makes us unique?

    Our journey is what sets us apart. 50 years ago, Walter Bramley first published Units of Sound through audio cassettes and pupil books. He was a Major in the British Army Education Corps and he understood that there were many reasons why people struggled to read and write. He also knew how important these skills were for the workplace.

    As time passed, Walter developed a unique structured multisensory programme for Reading and Spelling which allowed for independent study as well as group work. It started with the simplest of sounds and expanded on to more complex sentences. By 1995, Units of Sound had been converted into a computer-based version, bringing it to an even wider market. In the late 1990s, a home version was made available (and sold through newsagents) which meant parents could support their children. Now, Units of Sound is delivered online across the world in both UK and US English versions.

    We still hold true to Walter’s original vision. Being able to read and write is the key to success in further learning and the workplace – and every person that comes to us has their own reasons for needing to improve those skills. Everyone learns differently and we tailor our teaching for the individual, not the majority.

    We believe that literacy is the foundation of quality education & sustainable development. Our programmes support anyone with low levels of literacy by providing credible, affordable literacy interventions for ages eight and above. Units of Sound is an opportunity for everyone to improve their  literacy through a multi-sensory service  that supports  reading, writing, and memory development.