About Us

A little bit of our background (just in case you were wondering).


The Backstory

After working with army recruits in the 1970s, an inspired teacher named Walter Bramley realised that many of the young soldiers could not read or write very well. So he set about creating a literacy programme to teach reading, spelling and writing skills. And so the story of Units of Sound began.

Originally produced as cassettes and books, Units of Sound was developed into a computer-based program. The Units of Sound team is now proud to present the latest version, which is online. This makes Units of Sound accessible to all, anywhere and anytime.

Units of Sound will always remain true to the Bramley principles: step by step, small achievable tasks; working at a comfortable level, but one which challenges you and builds on what’s gone before; with lots of overlearning for reinforcement.

The Units of Sound Team team works on developing Units of Sound and adding extra resources and features to the program. Units of Sound is a literacy intervention tool, which can be purchased by schools and individuals. It has been used extensively for charitable projects in schools and community centres in the UK and also globally.