At Home

    Learning at a time and pace that suits you best.

    Units of Sound: Literacy that fits

    Literacy that fits is an effective and easy way to support someone with reading, spelling and writing skills, designed specifically for use at home.

    Literacy that fits has been adapted so that a parent or helper can easily set up and support a student at home. The program starts with three letter words and builds to adult reading, fitting a range of needs.

    Units of sound supports both reading and spelling, then building to include memory and dictation skills.

    To aid pronunciation, self assessment and focus, the student records their own voice reading and listens back. A simple but effective aspect of the program.

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    Shot of two young students studying together in a classroom

    Independent Learning

    Literacy that fits has been designed to be used independently, with the support of a helper.

    Once the helper (often the parent) has carried out the placement exercises to ensure the student is starting at a level that’s comfortable, the student can work at their own pace with just a little support. In this way, they get more out of the program and quickly start to build up confidence. On every screen there is a video demonstration to explain the screen or activity, so that both student and helper feel supported at every step of the way.


    If you are an adult looking to work on your reading and spelling at home, then Literacy that Fits is for you.

    As an adult student, you will need a helper to support you in the Reading programme. Units of Sound is versatile so you can fit it into your schedule in a way that suits you best – that could be, for example, once a week for 40 minutes, or two or three times a week for a shorter amount of time. Units of Sound offers a sensitive and private way to work on reading and spelling and help you build up your confidence in a secure framework.