Adult Learning

Westminster Drug Project, London

Westminster Drug Project is a leading UK charity that provides drug and alcohol recovery. In two of its community centres, where many clients have negative associations with learning and have missed out on schooling, Units of Sound has been invaluable.

One service user said, “I wish I had done this at an earlier age…it should be available to all”. He also said, “It changed my attitude – I am now more prepared to listen to professionals”.

Another man summed up why Units of Sound is so beneficial: “What I enjoyed about using the computer to improve my spelling is that I can just get on with it myself. I’m not being judged by anyone”.

Other clients said…

“I embraced it”
“I wish I had done this at an earlier age”
“It was tremendously helpful”
“My computer and keyboard skills improved, as well as literacy and confidence”
“I felt educated… stimulated”
“I learnt more with this than I did at school”
“It gave me more confidence to apply for jobs. I don’t know if I would have done this without the programme”

What staff had to say…

Tutors working with their clients on Units of Sound were very impressed with the program and clearly saw improvements in self-esteem:

“It gave reassurance to clients that they were better than they thought they were”.
“It enhanced self-esteem, confidence and added value”
“Concentrating on this twice a week helped people maintain abstinence”