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Impact Report

Impact Report.
A report highlighting how Units of Sound makes a difference to the lives of learners with low literacy levels.

This impact report outlines the main features of Units of Sound, including the very obvious one that a flexible computer-based system can support extensive, personalised, non-judgmental practice, which allows knowledge to be acquired in small but solid steps.  It is a safe learning environment that will go at the pace that is right for the individual.  The report also outlines evidence showing the kind of gains that have been made by individuals using Units of Sound who have experienced repeated failures in schools.

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Dyslexia Action School 05.12.08

Active Literacy Kit

The Active Literacy Kit (ALK) is a great tool for teachers and teaching assistants to use with students who need support with basic literacy skills.
The Active Literacy Kit works really well with those children who are not yet ready for Units of Sound. Created by Walter Bramley, the Active Literacy Kit is a highly focused programme intended to build accuracy, fluency and automaticity in reading and spelling. ALK bridges the gap to Units of Sound by teaching letter/sound correspondence through to automatic three letter (CVC) word reading and spelling. There is also focus on vowel discrimination, rhyme and alliteration.

The Active Literacy Kit is suitable for:

  • students aged 7 years and over
  • all literacy difficulties, not just for dyslexic students
  • individual and group teaching


Word Q Speak Q

WordQ + SpeakQ

WordQ’s  word prediction and spoken feedback offers writing support that is invisible by design. It offers you the support you need only when you need it. Within minutes of getting started, you can prevent, find and fix your own mistakes.
Our users include students from primary school to college, CEOs of major corporations, journalists and many more. How they use it is completely personal to their needs. Fortunately, WordQ is flexible enough to adapt to those needs. Beginning writers listen to and then select words from a limited vocabulary list to help them write simple sentences. Proficient writers, with an advanced vocabulary/spelling ability, bring the word prediction box up only when it is needed. In addition every writer can use the “”readback”” feature to listen to and edit their writing, whether it is a three line recount or a 3000 word essay. Finally, WordQ reads most digital text including web pages, PDFs and Word documents, making access to text simple and direct.

SpeakQ plugs into WordQ and adds simple speech recognition. 

SpeakQ features a simple training interface where the computer prompts you by voice what to say. You can then dictate directly into any document or dictate into WordQ’s prediction list. Your speech is combined with the word prediction. To keep it simple, there are no verbal commands. You only dictate text. Teachers in special education will appreciate its simplicity.

“The Units of Sound team have used WordQ & SpeakQ alongside the Units of Sound Writing Exercises. It is just the simplest and quickest assistive software to use with students.”

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