Primary Schools

Primary in East Sussex: If I was asked to recommend Units of Sound to another school I most certainly would do so. It is already showing benefits for our pupils, and the confidence they are growing with using this scheme is outstanding. Visually seeing their progress really helps them realise it is all worth it, and that they will get better and better.

Primary in Scotland: It is easy to administer and children are highly motivated by the programme. The children quickly learn to use it independently. The structure of activities promotes overlearning and helps develop skills quickly so that children’s confidence is increased. I would definitely recommend it.

We have very much appreciated being able to introduce Units of Sound into our school. We are still in the early stages, but it has become a very useful tool in supporting pupils with literacy difficulties, including dyslexia, and one which we see ourselves using more and more. The support provided by Dyslexia Action has been invaluable.

Primary in Gloucestershire: We encourage the children and their parents to make use of it regularly at home, especially during long school breaks such as the summer holiday.

It covers a lot of ground in a short session and is very structured…it encourages the children to focus as there is no other distraction within the programme, compared to some other more games-based programmes.

I like the spelling test at the end of each spelling section and it’s very useful to be able to save these in a folder on the computer.

Primary in south east London: Some comments from parents: My son tells me in the morning, “I’m going to my Units of Sound today, so please can we be on time?”

My daughter thinks she’s doing really well.

Units of Sound is definitely helping her. She seems more confident. She used to hate reading, she loves reading now….she still struggles and her spelling is atrocious…but she loves Units of Sound, anything computer-based.

He [son] sprints across the playground, so I’m presuming he likes going to the Units of Sound sessions.

My son’s been doing Units of Sound for several years now, he really loves it.

Usually my son hates doing anything, but this is computer-based, with 10 kids not 30, it’s a haven for him.

Teacher in Bradford: I really like being able to sit at my computer at home and see exactly what my students have done in their session.  This means that I can re-set pages easily and flip between UofS management and their lesson plan.  Keep up with the good work.

Specialist Dyslexia Teacher, Bradford/Leeds: I am using both the Active Literacy Kit and Units of Sound with two very weak boys. One is in an MLD Special School unit and is gradually reading and spelling more words. The other is a Y6 boy who also has dyspraxia. This boy is verbally fine, but was sounding out cvc words rather than actually reading them, and his spelling was non-existent. He really focuses on UofS and last week tried so hard to work out how to spell several screens of revision words. His teachers are delighted that at last he is making progress. They keep telling me that they don’t know why they didn’t get me in earlier… I guess that literacy will always be hard work for this boy, but he can now read and spell words that he couldn’t when I started teaching him at the beginning of November. I hope that by the time he goes to high school in September, he will at least be able to access some of the curriculum and feel able to do so independently.