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Units of Sound is used widely with adults and is particularly good for those who may have missed out on education, have bad associations with learning, or generally low literacy levels.

Units of Sound is very versatile and can be fit into any timetable. As there is no lesson preparation, there is more time to provide extra help for those who need more support. Since adults can work independently, tutors can work with large groups.

Units of Sound offers a sensitive and private way to work on reading and spelling and helps adults build up their confidence in a secure framework.


Duration of use  

This will depend on the individual student’s needs and the amount of time available. You can use Units of Sound in all sorts of ways, from intensive work to a light boost for spelling. As the student gets used to Units of Sound, he/she will find the best model to fit in with lifestyle and literacy needs. Units of Sound is flexible enough to suit all.

Monitoring Progress  

You monitor the Reading program through Reading Check, which will give you a thorough oversight of a student’s word reading, sound recognition, reading fluency and comprehension. These happen at regular intervals throughout the program. Spelling, Memory and Dictation are all monitored by the program, with mini tests on most pages. All the scores are logged in the Records section in the Tutor area, so you can easily see how each student is doing.


For all tutors there is a Practitioners’ Course that gets you up and running with your students on Units of Sound as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you or the student gets stuck, there are Screen tutors built into the program to demonstrate each activity with a short video. There is also a Units of Sound Help site which gives easy access to anything you need to know about Units of Sound.