Units of Sound follows the data guide lines as defined by the Information Commissioner’s Office

    Data Controllers:
    Units of Sound is developed by Units of Sound Ltd. Units of Sound Ltd is the main Data Controller.

    All staff involved in the above are EU citizens, Units of Sound data is processed and stored at data centers in the UK.

    Each organisation, school or individual that purchases licences to access Units of Sound online is configured as a ‘Center’. The center is a Data controller in common. The center determines which fields are completed for each individual registered and the choice of information that is entered into the fields. e.g the center can omit first, last names and age of the student. There are no 3rd parties involved therefore there no Data Processors.

    Personal Information:
    Units of Sound requires a unique ID for each individual, this is the minimum detail required to be recorded, an email can be recorded for administrators (refered to as a tutor) to facilitate the resetting of a password but is not required.

    Student access to Units of Sound is by a unique identifier, the choice of this ID is at the discretion of the tutor when setting up the student, the recording of names is also at the discretion of the tutor, therefore records can be completely anonymous.

    For support purposes Units of Sound embeds a 3rd party tool, Intercom which is only used by tutors (not Students). Units of Sound Ltd is the Data Controllers in common with Intercom.

    Intercom Processes and Stores data outside of the EU, resulting in a transfer out.