The Essentials

We'll help you get up and running with Units of Sound quickly.


Step 1

Technology Check

Units of Sound  is online, so you don’t have to load a program onto your network. It will run on Windows or a Mac computer and requires Flash Player. Each student will need a headset, with a microphone. There are a few things for you to check to make sure your technology can access Units of Sound.

We will send you an access checklist and a link to our Help site where you can find all the technical information. If you need any further help then you can contact us directly within Units of Sound.

Step 2

Staff Training

Units of Sound is easy to use for students and staff alike. As part of the licence, you can put one member of staff on the Practitioner’s Course. This will step you through all aspects of Units of Sound, practising the activities as you go, so that you understand how to make adjustments for individual students. We want you to be relaxed and confident with Units of Sound before you start working with students.

The Units of Sound team provide tutor support to everyone on the Practitioner’s Course.  If you would like to have more staff trained, you can purchase additional places on the course at £100 per person – teachers, or teaching assistants.

Step 3

Working with Students

Because Units of Sound takes care of the lesson preparation and content, you can focus on setting up the groups. Frequency and length of lessons are very flexible so you can fit Units of Sound into any timetable. Once you are ready to start working with students you can use the Screen Tutors to show them what to do, and from our experience we know they will pick it up quickly.

The support features that are built into the programme, screen tutors and Help particularly, give you the confidence to know that everything you need is at hand. If you have any questions, you can contact your tutor from the Practitioner’s Course.

Step 4

Working with Parents

Before long your students will be able to work independently and you may start thinking about students using Units of Sound at home. You can give your parents the Access Checklist as well, so that they can check their home computers are ready for Units of Sound. Students will also need to use a headset at home, just as they do in school or college.

The Good Practice checklists will show you when a student is ready to work independently at home. If you have any questions, you can contact your tutor from the Practitioner’s Course.