Home Schooling

Supporting independent home education

Units of Sound is particularly suited for a home schooling environment. For those who have the basic grasp of phonics, Units of Sound can be an important boost.

Units of Sound has 150 lessons and four skills areas, Reading, Spelling, Memory and Dictation.
A versatile addition to home education for any student that needs a little extra help with literacy.

Basic phonics is essential before starting with Units of Sound, therefore suitable for around 8 years old and above.

Although the lessons start at CAT SAT MAT, Units of Sound starts with placement exercises for Reading and Spelling, setting the appropriate level for the student. Placement means that even when educating more than one child, each is working at their own level and speed with their own progress record.

Units of Sound offers a sensitive and private way to work on reading and spelling and helps a student build confidence in reading and spelling in a secure framework at their own pace.

Boy working at home

What do I need to buy?

As a home educator you have a choice, Literacy that fits is designed for learning with only a small amount of assistance from a helper. If you want to be much more involved with the teaching and have more than one student, the private tutor option may suit.

How often and how long  

As a guide, a single lesson generally lasts from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Although a child can practise reading each word and block as many times as they choose before moving on. It is their choice to feel comfortable.
A typical approach for home education is two lessons a day with 30 mins work, 5 days a week. Generally this would mean two lessons per session.

Monitoring Progress  

The level of monitoring depends on which version you choose. Private tutor or Literacy that fits.

The technical bit

To work at home, your child needs access to a computer connected to the internet. This can be a Windows PC or Macintosh. The computer needs a web browser with Adobe Flash player. We suggest using Google Chrome as this includes the player.

Ideally a headset with microphone should be used. This helps cut out background distractions and helps with pronunciation.