Start discovering the world of difference Units of Sound can make.


    Technical Spec

    Units of Sound is online, so you don’t have to load a program onto your network and will work wherever you have internet access.

    You can run Units of Sound on a Windows or a Mac computer and requires a web browser with Flash Player. We recommend the use of Google Chrome as this has Flash built in and avoids the need to constantly update a Flash player plugin.

    Each student will need a headset, with a microphone.

    At the moment Units of Sound is not available on an iPad, we are working on that at the moment. That said, some of our schools have told us they use iPads with Units of Sound via Puffin Academy.

    • PC or Mac
    • Flash Player
    • Headset with a microphone

    Professional version for schools, colleges, prisons, PRUs.

    How it works:

    The feeling of individual progression and success for each student is an important aspect of learning with Units of Sound. Therefore each student you add to Units of Sound needs their own individual login. You can purchase a licence for Units of Sound that suits your needs, if you want to add more students at any time, you can simply but more licences.

    Units of Sound licence packages are available for 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 students. The more licences you buy, the lower the yearly cost of each student.

    If a student leaves, or stops using the program, they can be deleted from the system and a new student can be added in their place. The cost per student therefore decreases.

    Each new licence includes a place on the Practitioner’s Course.