Units of Sound is full of helpful features to encourage learning.




    Units of Sound is online so you don’t have to load a program on to your computer or network. Online access gives you maximum flexibility to work in school or college, at home, in a library, anywhere with internet access.

    Separate placement for reading and spelling

    The student is placed on the reading and spelling programme separately according to ability; this means you are working at the right level with built in checking systems to monitor progress.

    Practitioner’s course

    To give that indepth, comprehensive understanding of the range of features the program has to offer, the Practitioner’s Course is a fantastic bonus for any tutor.

    Personalised learning

    The programme is highly personalised meaning no two students will be working at the same level or pace; so from 3 letter words to adult reading, Units of Sound fits a range of needs.

    Voice recording and playback

    To aid pronunciation, self assessment and focus, the student records their own voice reading and listens back. A simple but effective aspect of the program. Great for students whose first language is not English.


    Revisiting is the model of how we learn: a little bit at a time. Revisiting words and sounds again and again, over many lessons, but with a little something different each time, is the essential learning model for Units of Sound.

    Screen Tutor

    Short videos are built into the programme to help students if they get stuck; from the Welcome Screen through to Dictation, each screen tutor explains what to do and how to do it.

    Your Library

    At your finger tips is a comprehensive library containing everything you will need, from good practice checklists, to resources and certificates that help reward achievement.


    A designated Helpsite built into the program designed to provide easy access to everything you need to know about Units of Sound. It includes Help for tutors, technicians and parents.


    What People Are Saying...

    It gave me more confidence to apply for jobs. I don’t know if I would have done this without Units of Sound.
    Adult Student
    London Project
    Every student has been fully engaged in the programme – they like the personalisation and the variety of tasks – also the interactive nature.
    Units of Sound Teacher
    When I’m using Units of Sound, I can go at my own pace.
    Primary pupil
    Units of Sound covers a lot of ground in a short session and is very structured.
    Units of Sound Teacher
    Primary School
    It’s an organised computer program that helped me kick start my spelling, and helped me with my reading.
    Units of Sound Student
    Secondary School