In School and at home

If your child is already using Units of Sound at school you do not need to buy Literacy that fits to keep working during the holidays.

Your school may be supporting your child’s reading and spelling with Units of Sound. To extend the benefit the same Units of Sound can be used at home at no additional cost.

All you need is the username and password provided by the school.

This page is here to help answer any questions you have in supporting your child and get you working at home.

boy working at home on laptop

How often and how long  

This is very individual and your school may well advise how long and how often to use Units of Sound. As a guide, a single lesson generally lasts from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Although a child can practise reading each word and block as many times as they choose before moving on. It is their choice to feel comfortable. Typically half an hour, two or three times a week is a good guide.

Monitoring Progress  

Your school has the tools to monitor the ongoing progress of your child’s reading and spelling. Any work at home is logged automatically in exactly the same way as when working in school. The teacher can adjust the program during the regular progress reviews. This may mean that some pages and areas are repeated again, repetition helps strengthen decoding for reading and spelling.

The technical bit

To work at home, your child needs access to a computer connected to the internet. This can be a Windows PC or Macintosh. The computer needs a web browser with Adobe Flash player. We suggest using Google Chrome as this includes the player.
Ideally a headset with microphone should be used. This helps cut out background distractions and helps with pronunciation.