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      Part of the Nisai Group

      The future of Units of Sound is looking bright!
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      Love Reading

      Reading and spelling accessible to all.
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      Take Control

      Get in the driving seat of your learning.
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      Study Anywhere

      Reading and spelling to fit your lifestyle.
    • Literacy for Life

      Literacy for Life

      Discover how Units of Sound makes a difference.

    Voice Recording

    Record your voice to discover all the little things you can do to improve your reading technique.

    Literacy for Life

    Your program of learning is individual and flexible so that you are working at your own pace.

    Unlock Your Learning

    Sessions help you learn at exactly the right level, with feedback to help monitor your progress.

    Being a Tutor

    We offer online training for any tutor. We’ll help you get the most out of the program and resources.

    How it works



    Find out what Units of Sound can do for you. A short introduction to the main features.



    See how the Reading program takes you from a single Unit of Sound through to paragraphs.


    Spelling & Writing

    See how spelling develops from single words through to phrases and sentences to writing paragraphs.

    What People Are Saying...

    Units of Sound really helped me become better at my reading, spelling, and remembering.
    Units of Sound Student
    The repetition element of the program definitely enhances the embedding of the unit of sound.
    Units of Sound Teacher
    A fantastic resource to support reading and literacy.
    Units of Sound Teacher
    The structure of activities promotes overlearning and helps develop skills quickly so that children’s confidence is increased.
    Units of Sound Teacher
    Units of Sound is interesting and it helps me with my spelling. I like it because it is easy and simple to use.
    Units of Sound Student


    Online, wherever you are…

    Units of Sound  is online, so you don’t have to load a program onto your network. It will run on Windows or a Mac computer and requires Flash Player. Each student will need a headset, with a microphone. There are a few things for you to check to make sure your technology can access Units of Sound.

    Units of Sound is for anyone who wants to improve their reading or spelling. It’s suitable for children from eight upwards, and for adults of all ages.
    Yes, Units of Sound is used with adults in a range of settings in the UK such as colleges and offender institutions. There is also a home version and single user license available.
    Units of Sound starts with three letter (cvc) words and is a second chance literacy tool. If you do use it with a seven year old, you need to be sure they are ready for it.
    Price depends on the number of licences you buy. Click for more information.
    You need a computer with sound capabilities for playback and recording, either Windows or Macintosh, that has an up to date version of Adobe Flash Player. You will also need a good quality headset with microphone connected to the computer, ideally a noise canceling headset.